I’m Looking For Guest Posts!

Calling all bloggers! I'm now accepting guest posts!! I am looking for guest posts that primarily focus on writing or storytelling. However, writing and storytelling is a very broad topic, and that gives you all plenty of options! Whether it's something you have already shared on your blog, something you are currently working on, or a future post aspiration, I would love to feature you writing on my blog.

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Breathless and Dull, An Excerpt

***Hey guys, this is another excerpt from the short story I am working on.  I'm not yet sure what I want to end up doing with the short story, and I am debating making it into a longer manuscript (idk yet....).  Anyway hope you enjoy!  I will post links at the end to the previous… Continue reading Breathless and Dull, An Excerpt


Facebook and Instagram

Hey guys!  So, this post is going to be short and brief because it is simply an announcement that Author's Canvas is on Facebook and Instagram!   (Also Twitter may or may not be coming soon....) Following my Facebook page or Instagram account is a great way to get updates on new posts without receiving… Continue reading Facebook and Instagram

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How to Bait Your Blog

This post is going to be dedicated towards defining a term that I've used in several posts lately (Building a Better Blog in 10 Steps, The Basics of Building a Writing Platform, etc....).  Today, I'm going to tell you exactly what I mean when I say, "bait your blog," and give you a few tips… Continue reading How to Bait Your Blog

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The 5 Essentials for a Successful Manuscript

Are you working on writing a novel?  Maybe struggling to make your aspiring publications for that journal interesting and new?  Manuscripts can be difficult things to write, and when it comes to needing motivation, they can be a real drainer. However, while writing a manuscript is challenging, there are several ways you help yourself stay… Continue reading The 5 Essentials for a Successful Manuscript

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Getting Approved by Google Adsense: 5 Ways to Increase Your Chances

This post was recently requested by you guys, and although I have not actually monetized this blog or applied for Google Adsense yet, (I'm working on it...) I do have some tips on how to apply, what to expect, and common reasons why people get rejected.  So keep reading to find out how you can… Continue reading Getting Approved by Google Adsense: 5 Ways to Increase Your Chances

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9 Reasons Why You Should Self Publish

Many of you will know that I am considering self-publishing my novels. It’s not something that I’ve considered lightly as I know going it alone is not easy and there’s still a fair bit of stigma attached to self-publishing. However, I really do believe the benefits far outweigh the negatives. I compiled the list below […]… Continue reading 9 Reasons Why You Should Self Publish