What Do People Really Think the Cloud is?

"It's kind of like a dump in the sky where everyone puts their stuff..." "The cloud is basically a storage unit for the internet..." "What the cloud actually is, is something smart that I don't think I can understand..." These statements are actually responses of real-life people being asked a simple question: "What do you… Continue reading What Do People Really Think the Cloud is?

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What is Technical Writing?

Hello all!  I hope this post finds you well. As you know, I am pursuing a degree in Technical Writing currently.  One of the challenges I have found when it comes to explaining my degree is that there is not a very well defined definition for what a technical writer does.  It's not something like… Continue reading What is Technical Writing?


Begin Learning JavaScript in 3 Steps

***Here’s another guest post!  This post was written by Benjamin Moore, and I really encourage you all to check out his blog, as he has written some very interesting posts that I feel you all would enjoy!  Also, remember that I will be accepting guest posts until April 1st, so feel free to keep submitting!***… Continue reading My Apprehension Got the Best of Me


What to Put in Your Tech/Web Development Portfolio

Hey guys!  I hope this post finds all of you in a project-mindset. Recently, I have been striving to build the perfect tech portfolio.  While mine is not near finished and it is still very much a work in progress, I wanted to give you guys an idea of what I think an ideal portfolio… Continue reading What to Put in Your Tech/Web Development Portfolio

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Getting Approved by Google Adsense: 5 Ways to Increase Your Chances

This post was recently requested by you guys, and although I have not actually monetized this blog or applied for Google Adsense yet, (I'm working on it...) I do have some tips on how to apply, what to expect, and common reasons why people get rejected.  So keep reading to find out how you can… Continue reading Getting Approved by Google Adsense: 5 Ways to Increase Your Chances


Data Science vs. Software Engineering

The work of a Software Engineer is to analyze a problem, think about a good solution, design it, implement it and then test it. Software Engineers do problem-solving. The work of the Software Engineer ends when he finishes implementing the solution for the problem. via Data Science vs. Software Engineering        


A Beginner’s Guide to GitHub

GitHub is a code hosting platform for version control and collaboration. It lets you and others work together on projects from anywhere. This tutorial teaches you GitHub essentials like repositories, branches, commits, and Pull Requests. You’ll create your own Hello World repository and learn GitHub’s Pull Request workflow, a popular way to create and review… Continue reading A Beginner’s Guide to GitHub


500 Followers: Appreciation Post

So it's been just over a month, and as of Saturday, February 17th at 12:03am, Author's Canvas officially has 500 followers!  I would like to acknowledge and thank everyone who has taken the time to read, like, comment, and share my posts because I really appreciate it.  Of course, I would also like to give… Continue reading 500 Followers: Appreciation Post