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Breathless and Dull, An Excerpt

***Hey guys, this is another excerpt from the short story I am working on.  I'm not yet sure what I want to end up doing with the short story, and I am debating making it into a longer manuscript (idk yet....).  Anyway hope you enjoy!  I will post links at the end to the previous… Continue reading Breathless and Dull, An Excerpt

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Today I Break Down

Today I break down.  Tomorrow I might once again stand.  But today I break down.  I don't care what I should do, or what it looks like from the outside.  I want to fall apart.  It is my choice to fall apart, and I'm not fighting it.  It's not as if I I'll never come… Continue reading Today I Break Down

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Fading, Dying, or Somewhere in Between

I think I'm fading, and I'm not sure what that means; I only know that I am.  Something inside me feels less bright, less existent, less there.  I feel less myself and more like nothing at all.  What a weird feeling.  Feeling like nothing.  I never knew what that meant, but I guess that now… Continue reading Fading, Dying, or Somewhere in Between

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A Day in the Life of the Average Life Guard

A local temperature of eighty-six degrees Fahrenheit, a UV index of seven, the sounds of a wave pool and waterslides coming alive with over-chlorinated, frog-invested water, and the constant hum of patrons outside the gate all began my morning in a typical state. Another eight hour day of pretending to be a hero, while actually… Continue reading A Day in the Life of the Average Life Guard

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Diary of a Liar

I'm a great liar. I'm a wonderful hider of things, and I keep secrets all the time. My mind is a whirling tornado of deceit and despair that holds secrets beyond its normal capacity and anything healthy. Some are secrets that have come from others. These secrets I have vowed to keep with all my… Continue reading Diary of a Liar

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Short Story Part 1

Chapter 1 “Secrets survive only where they can be untouched, unspoken, and unseen; here they can remain what they are: secrets.” January 24, 2005 2:23am A still moon hung over hushed waters, disturbing the darkness only by its eerie, pale light that sometimes would fade with the drifting clouds. The water paralleled this stillness, neither… Continue reading Short Story Part 1

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Creative Stories

As some of you know, I study Creative Writing at the University of Derby and I’m in my final year. Yay! I still don’t know if my degree will say Creative Writing, which was the name of the course when I signed up, or Creative and Professional Writing, which was the course name in my… Continue reading Creative Stories

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26 Short Stories, 7 days -Rajaraman R.

What I learnt by writing 26 short stories in 7 days: The kick you need as an upcoming writer Despite the hurdles the 26 stories were completed giving the writer a different perspective of himself. Mr. Raja not only learns about himself, but he also shares wonderful writing tips in the book, which he learnt… Continue reading 26 Short Stories, 7 days -Rajaraman R.

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Short story: The One Left Behind — Milly Schmidt

Monty There was a storm brewing outside. A cliché I know, but there really was a storm brewing, no other word for it. And even though I didn’t want to look, I was transfixed. A crack of thunder made me jump, and for a moment, I thought I saw the outline of a man in […]… Continue reading Short story: The One Left Behind — Milly Schmidt

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A Montel Murder: A Murder Mystery Part 1

A Montel Murder Part 1 The small, cream colored phone rang on the side table sitting to the left of my bed. Although it was nearly past one in the morning I had been eagerly expecting the call and grasped the receiver rather hastily, nearly dropping it in my hurry. Putting the phone to my… Continue reading A Montel Murder: A Murder Mystery Part 1