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My Apprehension Got the Best of Me

***Here’s another guest post!  This post was written by Benjamin Moore, and I really encourage you all to check out his blog, as he has written some very interesting posts that I feel you all would enjoy!  Also, remember that I will be accepting guest posts until April 1st, so feel free to keep submitting!***

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 11.57.45 AM

It is a strange curiosity, the suffocating effect that something as graceful and delicate as snow can have on your mind. Paradoxical in nature, the aesthetic beauty of snow brings with it the foul fetter of confinement. Endeavoring to translate this incongruous feeling as physical manifestations, the closest comparison I can conjure is that if someone were using both of their hands to squeeze your brain very tightly….

via My apprehension got the best of me.


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