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Your Legacy, Guest Post by Maddie from Shatter The Fourth Wall

***Another awesome guest post this morning!  Keep sending them in guys! This one is by Maddie and was recently posted on her blog, Shatter The Fourth Wall.  I encourage you all to check out more of her posts, as she writes high quality content and has several posts that may pertain to you.***

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 1.12.18 AM.png

We have an innate desire to be remembered. The things we do to have our existence be marked. The need to be continued to be thought of even if we aren’t around to do so directly. Whether it’s in secondary school, carving your name into the playground bench reading ‘Maddie waz here’ or leaving a little toy car at your workplace so that whenever people do see it, they think of you. To plant something for an infinite amount of time which represents you. The whole – “this is your song” is synonymous for “Remember me when you listen to this.”

via Your legacy


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