What to Put in Your Tech/Web Development Portfolio

Hey guys!  I hope this post finds all of you in a project-mindset.

Recently, I have been striving to build the perfect tech portfolio.  While mine is not near finished and it is still very much a work in progress, I wanted to give you guys an idea of what I think an ideal portfolio would look like.

Many of these projects are not difficult.  However, I think that the key to a well-displayed portfolio is variety and contrast between projects.  The idea is to show future employers your vast skill set so that they feel confident in your ability to handle a variety of projects.

So, here’s five projects that I think should be in every tech portfolio.  Feel free to comment below and share your ideas or projects from your own experience!

1. Small Businesses

Small businesses are excellent opportunities for someone looking for a way to begin.  It is easier to build a client base in a small, local environment and most of these businesses are very “identity” based, which will give you something to work with.  For this project, I would recommend redesigning a family-owned shop or restaurant, small business, or non-chain establishment.  Try giving the website a more modern look, while staying loyal to the businesses’ identity and values.  This type of project will not only show skill, but also will show others your ability to stay true to an original concept, while adding your own taste.

2. Go Mobile

Improving a mobile experience is always an excellent way to show off your skills.  Mobile sites can tend to have multiple problems that original desktop views do not, and showing that you can handle this extra challenge is a good way to up your portfolio game.  For this project, I would choose a company or site that has a well-established branding and name.  This way, you are get to focus more on the mobile capabilities (analytics, flowcharts, prototypes, etc.) than the branding.  In addition, many sites have online style guides that make this project even more convenient.  Remember the goal is to improve the mobile site, not redesign the face of the company.

3. Fonts

If you are going to be redesigning websites, fonts are a crucial selling point.  Creating imagery that will stand out from other sites and blogs is key to impressing an employer, and if you have designed fonts, you should show them off.  Of course, you will need to have an excellent, user-friendly site or blog set up in order to show off your work.

4. Dream Site

This project is where you really get to show off an bring out the big guns.  For this one, create your BEST site.  We are talking BEST.  Put all your effort out there with the design, layout, everything.  Ideally, this should be a client site where you would be selling product.  However, the site really just needs to make your employer see the capacity of you skills and hopefully say WOW.

5. Theme

Creating and designing new themes is always a good way to show variety and skill in portfolio.  Various themes can allow employers to see that you are accommodating and can vendor to a variety of needs and services.  For this project, I would suggest looking at WordPress.  WordPress is the most popular content management system on the market right now, and creating a new stock theme is a great addition to your portfolio.


23 thoughts on “What to Put in Your Tech/Web Development Portfolio

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