Top 5 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

For many people, the possibility of making money from their blog is a far off dream.  After all, is it really possible to make money by just blogging?  I mean, that sounds risky.

However, if you monetize your blog properly and at the right time, you can actually make a significant income through it.  Depending on where you are, you may not be able to start making money TODAY.  Monetizing and making money blogging works best if you have a decent following, traffic, and insights into your blog.  If you are just starting out and haven’t established a professional and interactive blog, I would recommend you focus on building your blog first.  You can always add in the money part when you’re ready to.  Also, if you are just starting out with monetizing process, don’t expect to make a fortune overnight, that type of thing takes time.

However, if you feel you and your blog are ready to begin the monetizing process, keep reading to find out how you can monetize your blog today!

1. Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

One of the most common ways to make money through a blog is by pay per click advertising.  The basic idea here is just how it sounds: you post company sponsored ads on your blog and when someone clicks on them you get paid.  There are several different PPC companies that will allow you to use this type of advertising if you have a large amount of traffic on your blog, and you can take your pick.  I am personally the most familiar with Google AdSense, and find that, if you get accepted, it is the easiest to use.  In order to use Google AdSense on your blog, you will have to apply and wait for a response.  If you are successful in you application, and Google allows you to use this service, you will can use several of WordPress’s plugins such as Ad Inserter to insert the ads into your everyday blog feed or website page.  Also, if you are using WordPress, and are thinking of using PPC ads, I would recommend you switch to a theme that has a built-in Ad-Blocker detector.  This will increase your revenue since so many people now use ad blockers.

2. Sponsored Posts

Some companies will actually pay you to write for them and then post it on your blog.  Sometimes companies will want you to review their products, or simply just talk about them, but either way they will pay you in order to get the extra advertising.  Just like PPC advertising, you will need to search and apply for companies that will hire you to write sponsored posts , and this can be quite the lengthy process.  I also recommend having a strong author’s bio** and media kit before you apply, because your chances will greatly increase if you can impress the companies you hope to write for.  If you are just starting out, I recommend you check out either Federated or Daily Buzz, as they will both take your experience and ability into consideration.  Other popular companies that may hire you to write sponsored posts include, Pollinate Media, Tapinfluence, and Sverve.  Each company will have their own requirements and types of posts, however one of the benefits to writing sponsored posts is that you will get to set your own rates and you get to choose who you write for and who you don’t.  This way you can truly have control over what appears on your blog.

3. Affiliate Links

Affiliate Marketing is one of the more recent ways to monetize your blog, however it can be very effective if done properly.  The concept of this marketing style is quite simple, you promote products through links in your posts, and you then receive a commission or a small revenue if the product is purchased via your link.  There are several major companies that offer this type of marketing to bloggers including Amazon, Commission Junction, and Grammarly.  However, you may have better luck at getting your readers to purchase from a company more closely related to your niche, and for that you will have to do a bit of research.  I recommend looking at larger companies within your genre or blog topic and then going from there.  If you do begin using affiliate links, it is important to inform your readers in a small disclosure statement that you are, otherwise Google may remove your site, or you could be banned by the company you are marketing with.  Always remember to read and understand the guidelines each company provides before you begin using links.  In addition, be sure to only incorporate these links in context, otherwise your readers may lose interest.

4. Sell Your Own Products

This is an obvious one, but probably not as commonly used.  While selling your own products through your blog can keep everything on your site personal and original, marketing your own products can be difficult, especially if you are starting from scratch.  I recommend building a strong writers platform for your blog, building a really strong blog with a great following, advertising your products on social media in addition to your blog, and properly learning how to sell, market, and promote before you attempt to sell your own stuff.  Also, really invest in the product you are trying to sell because quality, at first, is more important than the quantity you sell.  For example, if you are selling photography do not take crappy pictures on your iPhone, print the over-pixelated images off your home printer, and then try to sell them on your blog.  If you do this, your quality will look poor and even if someone does buy them, word will get out that your quality sucks and your advertising is fake.

5. Advertising Space

Similar to how PPC Advertising companies will pay you when their ad is clicked on through your site, many of these same companies will also pay you for advertising space on your blog.  Therefore, instead of having to wait for readers to click on an ad, the company you are advertising for will pay you upfront for your space.  Typically, ads like this will only be displayed on your site for a fixed amount of time, and you can also choose exactly which companies you will allow to advertise on your blog.  Many of these companies that will buy your ad space are similar to the ads you see displayed on your PPC Ads, so start there.  Otherwise, try companies that are in your niche or that sell products related to your blog.  This type of marketing does take a bit of research and communication, but it ends up being one of the more profitable way to monetize, because your income is based off the company’s purchase not the readers’ participation.


***That’s it!  Thanks so much for reading guys!  I hope you found this post useful to your blogging experience, and that you can try out some of these ideas  As always, I don’t know everything, so I’m going to post a few links below that offer even more monetizing ideas than I talked about.  Also, please share in the comments how you monetize your blog if you do, or any advice you have for beginners!  I would love to hear from someone who has experience in this area!***



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21 thoughts on “Top 5 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

    1. I have read some of your blog, and you do have excellent audience participation from your followers. I would suggest researching the necessary requirements for sponsoring before you do that. While you can always just insert a link as a widget, you need to have special qualification and requirements before the company will pay you to affiliate. Best of luck!

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    1. I’m still a relatively new blogger on WordPress, I did this post as much for my own research as for you guys. I have not monetized Authors Canvas yet, however we did monetize sample blogs in a few of my classes and I found PPC Ads were the most simple and easy to use. The ultimate money and traffic maker is either writing sponsored posts or getting companies to pay you for advertising space. These both take more effort to make work though. Thanks for reading!

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      1. Google Ads can be difficult to get accepted for because they do have very strict regulations. I recommend a lot of research and tweaking your blog based on their requirements before applying. This should increase your chances.

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