How to Write A Mission Statement for Your Blog

I have been talking a lot about mission statements in my posts and how it is important for you to have one for your blog.  While, many of you may be familiar with mission statements at college, work, or nonprofits, mission statements for blogs look a little bit different.

While blog mission statements are fairly simple to construct, they convey a meaning for you and for your blog so they are definitely not something to be thrown together or taken lightly.  A mission statement needs to convey purpose, drive, and a goal while also informing readers of vital information.  So what exactly goes into a mission statement?  Keep reading to find out.

1. Purpose

This is the most important part of your mission statement.  The purpose of the mission statement identifies what your goals, aspirations, and dreams for this blog are, and it tells readers what to expect from the blog.  In order to truly get this right, you need to really think about what your goals are.  Some questions you should answer in your statement are:

-What are you starting this blog?

-What do you hope to accomplish?

-What do you want to convey to your readers?

-Why do you write?

-What can readers expect from the blog?

Once you have answered these questions on your own, compile the answers into an easy flowing sentence or two.  Be straight and to the point, yet add your own writing voice and style to it.

2. Information

This step is also crucial to a mission statement because it informs readers about you, your blog, and your writing experience.  This part of the statement should be the most straightforward you can make it because it is, really, just facts.  Some details you should definitely include in this part of the statement are:

-Your full name

-Your previous and current writing and job experience

-What you are currently doing for a living and/or what your eventual goal is

-When you started the blog

-How long have you been writing and what your specific writing style is (this is basically describing what types of writing you have done or want to do professionally AND what types of writing you will be featuring on your blog).

3. Combine

Now it is time to combine the two parts of your mission statement.  There are several ways to do this.  You can compile the entire thing into one or two paragraphs, which is sometimes difficult but will sound very professional if done correctly.  Otherwise, if you’re more like me and have trouble condensing, you can also turn your mission statement into you About Page.  While I still recommend keeping your two critical details (purpose and information) short and concise, with an About Page there won’t be as much pressure to condense the two parts into the same paragraph.  You can also feel free to expand with an About Page and add in things like personal life, pictures, or short anecdotes.  Just be sure to keep the main points the focus of your page and to remain professional throughout.


***That’s it!  Thanks so much for reading guys!  I hope you found this post helpful and insightful.  Feel free to share your mission statement in the comments or any other advice you have.  I always appreciate feedback!***


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