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Hey guys!  So Mistimaan recently nominating me for the TMI Tag, and I encourage you all to follow the blog because they have several useful posts and have always been very encouraging to my blog.

So…I was also a little terrified when I saw the title of this tag because, I mean TMI….like what….

But in all honestly, it’s just a bunch of creative, interesting questions that I would love to get to know about some of you!  So I will be tagging some of you below, don’t feel like that means you HAVE to participate because this is just for fun and I realize that not everyone will want to.  Also, even if you are not tagged, feel free to still post in the comments some of you answers, because I would love to get to know you guys!

So here we go with the questions:

-What is your favorite song?

This was a really tough question.  Overall, it’s probably Superstition by Stevie Wonder or Yesterday by The Beatles.  On an everyday basis though, I typically listen to country or oldies.

-What is your Zodiac Sign?

In all honesty, I have no idea!  I’ve never looked into this…is that bad??

-What is Your Favorite Show?

BBC’s Sherlock

-Loud Music or Soft Music?

For the most part loud, though soft music does have it’s moments.

-Do you have any fears?  If so, what are they?

I am completely terrified of roller coasters or amusement parks in general.  I also have an irrational fear of small birds (crows, sparrows, chickadees, robins are the worst…)

-Have you ever been in a physical fight?

If we are counting our elementary school lives then yes.  I actually got in a fist fight with a girl in the 3rd grade…may or may not have gotten detention….

-What is your favorite color?


-Meaning behind your blog name?

I almost always use an imagery or underlying and connecting theme of a canvas or painting in my essays, short stories, or any writing in general.  The name Author’s Canvas popped into my head as I was choosing blog names because I wanted to make this a writer’s blog, yet I wanted it also to be a space of writing variety and artistry.  A lot of people see writing as an art, and as a form of creativity.  I wanted a blog theme that represented this variety and creativity, and I wanted it to be something that others could mold, write on, and transform into something they could use for their benefit and learning.  Overall, I want this blog to be a “canvas” for other writers to use and learn from.

-Last book you read?

Sadly, it’s been a long time since I’ve completely read a book.  I guess the last one I read front to cover would probably be Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger.

-Book you are currently reading?

I’m not……

-What is your favorite band?

Way to difficult to narrow it down to one….top four would be Earth, Wind, and Fire, The Beatles, Zac Brown Band, and Georgia Florida Line.

-What is your favorite drink?

Carmel Macchiato with a tad extra vanilla

-Where you go when you’re sad?

My laptop or my writing (I know this is a super cliché thing of me to say but it usually helps so…)

-Something you really miss

I went to a small high school, with my graduating class being just under 50 students.  I guess I would say that I miss my school, and probably mostly the people in band and sports there.  We were really close, and they were just good people.

-Favorite Food

French Toast (:

-What instruments do you play?

Trombone and baritone…I used to play piano as well, but I was the typical student and eventually quit

-Place you want to visit

Matamata, New Zealand.  The original Lord of the Rings scene were filmed here, and plus New Zealand is just an awesomely gorgeous country in general.

-Favorite taste of sweet


-Favorite piece of jewelry

I don’t wear any really

-Last sport you played

Soccer and track and field

-Favorite actor

Benedict Cumberbatch


***Okay guys that’s it!  I’m going to go ahead and tag a few of you lovely people below (I’m honestly only tagging because it’s called a tag…I will be choosing completely randomly) and also post the original list of questions below that (I didn’t answer all of them above).  Feel free to respond in the comments to any of these questions, as I would love to hear from you!  Thanks for reading.***



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What To Do If You’re Tagged:

Please do notify me if you have published, I totally want to be creepy and read your answers…jk it’s not that creepy but still
You can participate if you want, if not, you can totally decline it.
Mention the person who tagged you.
Answer the questions from posted below.
Let, the person you tagged know by commenting in their post.


-Place you want to visit

-Have you ever been in love?

-What was the last book you read?

-What book are you currently reading?

-Favorite food

-Favorite show

-Favorite actor

-Favorite taste of sweet

-Favorite band

-Favorite song

-Meaning behind the name of your blog

-Do you have any fears?  If so what are they?

-When was the last time you told someone you loved them?

-Favorite piece of jewelry?

-Last sport you played?

-What instruments do you play?

-What is your Zodiac sign?

-Loud or soft music?

-Have you ever been in a physical fight?

-Favorite color

-Favorite drink

-Where do you go when you’re sad?

-Something you really miss







16 thoughts on “TMI Tag”

  1. I thank you for the mention/tag/prod. I’ll answer here, partly because my blogs will probably be undergoing some reconstruction soon, and partly to foster dialogue. So here goes, addressed in the same order you answered them.

    What is your favorite song? Varies from time to time. I usually latch onto a song for a few months and then move on to another. That said, “Driver’s Seat” by Sniff ‘n the Tears is my go-to song to drive out unwanted earworms.

    What is your Zodiac Sign? Aquarius. Do I care? No. When I believe a random collection of stars that form an arbitrary patterns as seen from Earth for a few thousand years is meaningful, I’ll let people know.

    What is Your Favorite Show? Not a regular TV viewer at the moment. That said, the last series I laughed through was the first season of Australia’s “Danger 5.” “Sherlock” sounds interesting, though I’ve heard mixed reactions to the last season or two.

    Loud Music or Soft Music? Which does it deserve? Kate Bush’s album “The Dreaming” (1982) comes with instructions saying it is meant to be played loud. She’s right.

    Do you have any fears? If so, what are they? A fear of heights greatly exacerbated by instability of whatever I’m standing on. Put me on a Depression-era fire tower on a windy day and I’ll be holding on for dear life.

    Have you ever been in a physical fight? Yes. The last time, in high school, I picked up a skinny kid a year younger than me and slammed him into his own gym locker door. (Yes, he deserved it. Didn’t hurt him much. After all, I was another skinny kid.) Almost a decade later I met him again. He had been fighting with guerillas in Afghanistan, had filled out tremendously with muscles, and could probably have squashed me like a rotten pumpkin. I stayed out of his sight.

    What is your favorite color? Black. So I have a sneaking admiration for goths.

    Meaning behind your blog name? Sillyhistory? I take a lighter look at history. And it was formed by analogy with my other blog, Sillyverse, which is a fiction blog, which includes some stories set in what got named the “Sillyverse” because of one of its major characters. Oh, and the domain names were available.

    Last book you read? “The Collected Fantasies of Clark Ashton Smith,” five volumes. Smith (1893-1961) is best known for his association with horror writer H. P. Lovecraft. But from a writer’s perspective, it’s worth noting that editors sometimes turned down his stories because they felt the readers would need an unabridged dictionary to tackle them!

    Book you are currently reading? History: “The Astronomer and the Witch: Johannes Kepler’s Fight for His Mother,” by Ulinka Rublack. Fiction: “A Conjuring of Light,” the third book in a series by V.E. Schwab.

    What is your favorite band? The last time i had one it was Heart.

    What is your favorite drink? A good barrel-aged stout.

    Where you go when you’re sad? “Pride and Prejudice.”

    Something you really miss: I, too, went to a small high school, graduating class of 50. But what I most miss about being the city dweller I am is the mobility of an automobile.

    Favorite Food: Had made a spur-of-the-moment decision to eat dinner in “Little Brittany” in Paris when I was visiting 1.5 years ago, because my girlfriend and I developed a taste for Breton crepes. So we ordered dinner, and I’m looking over the daily specials while we wait, and see a Breton dessert crepe filled with chocolate and marzipan, doused in brandy. Turned to my girlfriend and said, “We’re getting that, aren’t we?”

    What instruments do you play? I do sing. My voice has been likened to an out-of-tune bagpipe drone.

    Place you want to visit: Iceland. I’ve read many of the sagas, which typically include a great many geographical references that can still be identified, and the scenery can be gorgeous even when desolate.
    I have been to New Zealand, many years ago, visiting both islands on a vacation. Besides the scenery, three things I liked about the country. 1. You could always find signs directing you to a clean public rest room in even the smallest towns. 2. They knew how to serve tea properly. 3. I found a restaurant in Christchurch that served only chocolate desserts, accompanied by tea or wine.

    Favorite taste of sweet: dark chocolate.

    Favorite piece of jewelry: Had to think, but, yes, I do wear a tie tack on occasion.

    Last sport you played: In high school, I played the second-worst tennis player in school . . . and lost. I think closing my eyes when I swung at the ball may have had something to do with it.

    Favorite actor: Right now, my favorite is Ann Carter (1936-2014). As a child actress, she carried 1944’s “The Curse of the Cat People” as the lonely only child with an imaginary(?) playmate. Alas, most of the people who see her performance are disappointed because they are expecting a horror film, a sequel to the original “Cat People” (1942). A sequel is it, a horror film it is not.

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