The Versatile Blogger Award

Hey guys!  So I was just nominated this morning for the Versatile Blogger Award.  I was nominated by Welcome to The Planet According to Dom and you all should totally go check out their blog.  I have spent the morning browsing around on it, and it’s filled with interesting posts and perspectives that make you think.

If you guys haven’t heard of this award before, it’s not really an award as in physical prize.  Instead, it’s just a really great way to promote other people’s blogs and connect with fellow bloggers, which let’s be honest both of those things are an award in themselves.

The rules are fairly simple.  If you are nominated for the award, you:

1. Write 7 interesting facts about yourself

2. Nominate 15 other bloggers that also have amazing blogs and ideas to share

So, here it goes.  I’m going to try to keep the seven facts interesting, but I guess we will see.

7 Interesting (more or less) Facts About Me:

1. I am ambidextrous

2. I have no sense of smell and will likely lose my sense of taste by age forty

3. I don’t like chocolate except in hot chocolate or brownies

4. All time favorite movies include: Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Hot Rod, The Truman Show, and Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

5. Favorite foods include anything with syrup or carbs (yeah I know, I’m really healthy)

6. I have never broken any bones, but I have dislocated various things six times

7. I played varsity soccer for five years and ran varsity track and field for six years in high school

Okay, now for the 15 nominees.  I really encourage you guys to go check out each of these blogs. They all have something to offer and they have all been an encouraging, supportive group of people during my blogging experience.  Also, bloggers I’m nominating, I fully expect to be reading 7 really interesting facts about you later!

1. Mistimaan

2. The Lonely Author

3. Mahin’s World

4. Ethereal Seals

5. Mark Bialczak

6. Freidenkerins Weblog

7. Ghost Dog

8. The Skeptic Texan Blog

9. Lorraine Ambers

10. World of a Passionate Writer Anika

11. Eva O’Reilly

12. Vienna Noreen

13. Stories for All

14. Selewritesup

15. A Guy Called Bloke


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