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What Type of Writer Are You?

There are many different types of writers out there.  Some have to write in the same place everyday, with the same background music, and the same schedule.  Others are a little more spontaneous and sit down to write when the inspiration hits them.  What type are you?  Here are ten different types of writers that I’ve come to learn about, and each is different in their own way.  While all writers obviously don’t fit into these categories, these different types of writers represent just a few that I have come across.  Find out which one you are.

1. The Early Bird

flowers-meadow-wood-forest.jpgSome people get up early to workout, you get up early to write.  Perhaps it’s because you will have no other time later that day, but most likely it’s just because you feel energized and motivated after a night’s rest, and you want to channel that inspiration into your writing.  You do your best work in the morning, and it helps you to start your day out on a good note.  Whatever else you have to do in the next twelve hourse will go better if you start your morning writing, and it also serves as a bit of quite “me” time before the busy day ahead of you.

2. The Night Owlpexels-photo.jpgAnd the opposite…..let’s face it.  You’re never going to fall asleep unless you write down that great idea.  Oh yeah, and then maybe while you’re at it you should finish that short story you began earlier.  And wait, you can plan out your whole week of posts tonight? (personally my all-time favorite tool on wordpress)  Yeah, you might end up finally closing your laptop around 3 am, but you feel accomplished and that you’ve done your best work.  Whether or not you’re a natural night-owl or if you just always happen to get inspired once your head hits the pillow, you truly write your best at night and that’s okay.  You may need that extra shot of espresso to get going in the morning after only sleeping for a few hours, but you get to write when you feel most equipped, and that’s what matters.

3. The Meal-Time Author

food-salad-restaurant-person.jpgYou’re gonna be sitting down to eat anyway right?  Yep, you’re the meal author.  Whether you’re on your lunch break or you’re sitting on the couch with a bowl of soup, you’re eating and writing.  Food serves as your natural motivation for writing and you can’t help but think of ideas as you munch.  While this can sometimes be a problem when greasy, messy food combines with your laptop’s keyboard, the inspiration you get while eating really fuels your writing and your best work can really shine on a full stomach.  The multitasking of eating and typing also doesn’t seem to phase you and, in fact, serves as your background “noise” as you write away.

4. The Schedule-a-holic

startup-photos.jpgYou’ve got it all planned out.  From the time your alarm goes off in the morning to the time your eyes close at night, you have every minute of everyday mapped out and scheduled.  Therefore, the same, of course, goes for your writing.  You have a specific time each day that you set aside for writing and you do not let any distractions get in the way.  While some may say you’re too much of a planner and don’t have enough spontaneity, having a time planned strictly for writing and for nothing else allows you to devote all your attention to your work.  Your mind is at ease knowing exactly when you will begin writing and exactly when you will finish, and with the fact that this the only thing on your plate at the moment.

5. The Café Writer

pexels-photo-414630.jpegYou’re the one responsible for nearly every image that comes up on google when someone types in the word “writer.”  You know how it is, you’ve got your specialized, ceramic-mugged coffee sitting near your efficient-looking laptop, and perhaps some half-eaten fruit and granola of to the side.  Yeah you may be a stereotype, but honestly you don’t care.  The business of the coffee shop or café makes you inspired and having the constant low buzz of people helps you stay focused and is just the right amount of background noise.  You don’t necessarily write in a coffee shop to say that you do, you just write there because it is truly the best place for you to tell stories, finish that paper, or come up with your someday-future bestseller.

6. King of Variety

pexels-photo-811106.jpegYou’ve got to mix it up when it comes to writing.  You can’t listen to the same song you did last time you wrote, and you would never dream of sitting in the same place as you search for inspiration.  Nope, you need a new environment, new background noise, and new everything each time you write.  You find that the creativity that comes with each new change fuels the creativity in your writing, and the new writing environment you always experience helps you to feel refreshed and motivated.

7. The “I’ll Fit It In When I Can” Writer

pexels-photo-632470.jpeg You aren’t stressed.  You know you will write at some point, but when that is doesn’t really concern you.  It may end up being a few minutes here and there in between meetings, or perhaps on your bus ride home.  Whenever it is, you don’t really care because you can find inspiration from just opening up your laptop and deciding that it’s time to write.  Some people may say that this method is disorganized, but for you it seems to work perfectly.  For you, the unknown and the unplanned keeps the excitement in writing and prevents you from becoming bored with your time.

8. The Playlist Writer

pexels-photo-374703.jpeg You love your music, and your music fuels your writing.  You consistently modify and update your writing playlist so that every time you put in your headphones, the inspiration to write hits you.  Whether you’re a fan of rap, slow jazz, or the always wonderful classical, the music you’re listening to is worked into your writing and keeps you typing.  The constant tune in your ears never seems to distract you, and you’re the type of person that combines their mood with the mood of a song.  Every word you write had a song behind it, and that’s the way it should be.

9. The Pen and Paper Reviser

pexels-photo-867482.jpegThere’s something about writing your thoughts out with a literal pen and paper that inspires you.  Perhaps it’s the classiness of the ink against white, or the physical effort that handwriting takes.  Either way, you find that your best thoughts come to you when you are scribbling in your notebook.  Of course you will most likely re-type your writing on your laptop later, however that allows you to revise what you wrote before and perfect it.  While it may seem old fashioned to many, you like the idea of opening a notebook to jot down the last chapter of your book or the excerpt for your next journal.

10.  The Searcher

pexels-photo-267447.jpegWhen it comes to writing, you look elsewhere for your inspiration.  Whether it’s the latest episode of your favorite Netflix show, or starting a new book, you gain the motivation to write from other’s stories and writing.  Sometimes you just need a voice to put to that character or a mood setter to help you focus, and you search for it in the books, movies, television, newspapers, and social media that you see everyday.  While some people may call this mimicking, it, in fact, is very different. You don’t copy what you see, you just use the greatness of others to inspire your own greatness.


Well that’s it!  Be sure to comment on what type of writer you’re most like.  I found myself a mix between The Night Owl and The Playlist Writer, although I don’t think all writers fit perfectly into these categories.

Thanks for reading!


35 thoughts on “What Type of Writer Are You?”

      1. Working on my blog with a cup of coffee in many hand and the Today show on TV in the background clears my head for the day and gets things done on WordPress, too, Emily. I’m glad I found the right combo!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. the night owl and the cafe writer most of the time. i proclaimed myself as highly caffeinated. there’s something in the night and the wee hours of the day that gives my mind at ease so I can write. but during the day, i can be the “i’ll fit in when i can” 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha.. It was really interesting… I think I am the seventh one… Because I don’t really have any idea of what am I going to write until I really start writing and impressive along the way…!!! 😂😂😂

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  3. This is a great post Emily 🙂

    I think l am a mixture of all the writing styles, although perhaps not at the dinner table and not the searcher, but certainly l have a pen and paper ready at all times. Most assuredly King of variety, although l don’t necessarily have to change environments, but l can vary between music on to music off.

    For me, unless l am writing specifically on a subject, my style is more on the memory , so l will sit, have a title, draw from the memory which may be up to 45 years ago in perfect details and then craft it out.

    I don’t have all the time l need to write in my other blogs as much as l would like, so tend to fit writing in when l can. I am a heavy scheduler so have a database of all the posts written with dates so l can see which blog is up to date, and which is not.

    Other times, l might just read a line from a book, or indeed a book and become inspired to create something from that.

    So l think in many respects we are each and everyone of us in some way or another a mixture of all the types?

    I see you are a playlister and a night owl, l can certainly relate very well with the night owl 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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