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Secret of Writing

Writing is all about placing your heart on paper, For that you don’t need to attend any special classes, it’s in you just feel the emotions, work with the flow, be in the state of mind where you are able to imagine yourself in a particular situation you are writing about, as a result you […]

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11 thoughts on “Secret of Writing”

  1. Great blog. I’ve read a few posts and need to admit that I love it! Probably because writing is one of my biggest hobbies 🙂 Im about to finish a book and I find any publishing advice is very interesting. Submitting docs to a publisher is very boring and time consuming.. 🙈 🙄 😁 Also, it’s so easy to get discouraged when you get no replies. Could you write something about finding an agent too please? How, where to find a good agent, how much it costs to have one etc?I’ve heard that if a text/book proposal isn’t good enough you may have problem to find a publishing agent too. Btw, Thank you for adding me:)
    You have a great post about increasing traffic and other things you’ve learnt while blogging. I’ve been blogging for around 3 months about personal growth and other topics from positive psychology (e.g. Im interested in productivity, work-life balance, achieving goals) but.. I wish I could write shorter posts😉 and more often. I’ve been really struggling to do it. If I write a shorter post, quite often it looks to me like something is missing and I shld add a bit more e.g.recent studies findings. Need to work on this more. I think I may do a little experiment and post a lot more for a week or two to see if and how my stats change.
    I should read and watch more about promoting blogs but I’ve been soo busy last few weeks that have done it just a bit now and then. Apparently pintrest helps with traffic on blog but I don’t know how it exactly works..

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    1. Thanks for reading! I love hearing from my followers on what they would like to see next, so yes so can definitely find or write a good post on finding an agent. I understand that publishing and the whole process of it can be very boring and drawn out, but I really wish you the best of luck and encouragement as you go through it. Thanks for sharing and reading my blog!

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      1. I think it would be interesting if you would write what publishers are looking for exactly(they want ‘something different’ but in reality they publish lots of similar topics, and books!), whats the process – is only one person reading each book proposal. Do they normally discuss this on e.g.weekly meetings? Is it true they get hundreds of proposals weekly.. How is that even possible 😂 haha 🙂 maybe you could write something about publishing and writing what you’ve learnt while doing your degree and it suprised you then. I also like some stats, research findings:) thank u for taking into consideration my ideas for the posts. It’s nice to have an expert here and it would be good to learn more from you! 🙂

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      2. Thanks so much for the suggestions. I have a post coming out later tonight on literal agents that you will probably find interesting, and I will definitely consider your other suggestions in my later posts. Thanks for the advice!

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