Poetry, writing



Faces of the past shatter by

As if one million vases have been thrown to

A hardwood floor



Fading voices slip from my mind

As though one million sounds have

Filled my lingering ears



Memories fly away

As though everything has changed

And nothing remains similiar


Is this what has happened?

Are all faces, and sounds, and memories just one new sound away

One new sound away from being gone?

One new face away from being forgotten?


Are all of life’s pass times just one thought from meaningless?

One value away from the next placeholder?

Are all people just one lifetime from being unknown?

Never heard of by the lives after?


Perhaps the purpose of memories is to be forgotten

To hold a place in our minds until we find something new

To fill a void

Until we can fill it


What if the new never came?

What if the old was never lost?

Can one just stay stagnant with the same memories?

The same faces, the same sounds?


Is forever memory a possibility?

Can a person truly hold on that long?

Or it is better faded, lost and not thought of?

Perhaps its better forgotten




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