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Calming the Brainstorm and Deciding What to Write

Recently, I’ve been experiencing a new kind of writer’s block.  It’s not the kind where you sit staring blankly at your screen, scanning your thoughts with ideas and coming up with nothing.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Recently, I’ve been experiencing what I like to call an Category 5 Brainstorm.  My mind seems to be overflowing with ideas for blog posts, short stories, and articles, yet each time I start a new post it seems to lose its luster within the first few lines, and another, momentarily better, idea pops into my head.  This leaves me with several unfinished posts, none of which I have motivation to look back on and complete because each idea seems inferior to the one that comes after it.

While this may seem like a problem, I’m working towards using it to my advantage.  Although I do have several great, yet unfinished ideas, the positive to that is that I have several great, yet unfinished ideas.  My goal is to complete them when I am later drawing a blank on what to write.

We all have those ultra-creative days or weeks, where the ideas seem to flow consistently without requiring much brain power.  However, we all also have those low-creativity days where writer’s block plagues our keyboards and all we can do is think “wow, I have nothing write about.”

I have decided to commit this recent brainstorm to those days.  Of course I will force myself to complete a few posts and ideas now so that I take advantage of the easy creativity, but those unfinished ideas that seem sub-par now will be saved for later when I’m in dire need of inspiration or a type-worthy idea.

So how do I force myself to complete a few of these posts right now when the ideas just keep flooding in?  I’m not entirely sure yet.  Needless to say, since starting this blog, I have experienced a lot more traditional writer’s block than anything, so this new surge of inspiration has me in a bit of a shell-shock.  However, there are a few things that I have learned in the last couple of days that have helped me to focus on my writing goals without getting distracted by new post ideas or thoughts:

  1. Write Your Ideas Down
    • When I am writing and suddenly come up with this better and ultra-creative idea, I find that writing down the title and a small summary of the thought suffices my imagination into thinking that I have acted on it.  This leaves my head clear to finish my current post, yet I also have a reference to look back on when I need a new idea.
  2. Combine Posts
    • Sometimes when an idea does pop into my mind as I’m writing, it actually has something in common with the post I’m already working on.  With a little bit of revising, I have found that incorporating both ideas into one post is helpful because a) you stay on track with your current post without feeling as though you’re neglecting this new thought and b) you can improve the quality of your post by adding multiple elements and thoughts to it.
  3. Turn It Into A Plot
    • As you guys know, I do enjoy writing short stories, and eventually hope to begin working on a book.  The great thing about short stories, books, or anything with a plot is that you need ideas that can build on top of one another and you also need new, unrelated ideas to keep the story line interesting and to create rising action.  Some of the ideas I have been having, I can totally add into a short story or plot and use in my next short story post.
  4. Limit Ideas Until You Have Finished
    • Some times the ideas that keep interrupting your work become just that: interruptions.  Whether you really need to get a piece done for a deadline, or your ideas are finally losing their brilliance and creativity, eventually you do need to be able to just write.  Depending on how important it is for me to focus, I will often set a limit to how many ideas I will act on during a writing session and try to stick to it.  Occasionally, I will acknowledge an idea if I really like it or I will take just enough time to write it down, but for the most part I will try to block out as many ideas as possible until I am done with what I’m working on.


So that’s it.  Hopefully you could relate to this, or found some of the ideas useful.  Feel free to post in the comments what you do in this type of situation or if you’ve tried any of these ideas….I always appreciate outside writing advice from you guys.  Thanks for reading!



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