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Outside Writing: “The Body Ritual Among The Nacirema” Horace Mitchell Miner


I recently read this article for one of my college classes.  While reading the article, I must confess I did not find it all that interesting.  I am not naturally a history buff or someone who has ever taken an interest in the culture of other people or of any people for that matter.  However, once the professor explained the true meaning of the article and its title to us as a class, this article instantly became one of the most creative, sarcastic, ironic, and blunt articles I had ever read.  Take a look and see if you pick up on what the author is actually saying or if you just take it as a cultural lesson as I did at first.  If you do not pick up on it, feel free to google.  Otherwise I will be posting about my thoughts on this article in a future blog post.


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