5 Best Fields for Technical Writers

Technical writing is a very broad field and there are many opportunities out there for those pursuing it.  It is also a growing field with more and more companies and businesses seeking technical writers to write their instruction manuals, illustrations, reports, and articles.
However, with all of this opportunity, it can be difficult to know where exactly to look for a technical writing job.  While keeping your interests and passions in mind, here are five of the best technical writing fields to go into based on salary, job security, and demand.
 1. Technology
Over half of the technical writers in the United States are employed in areas of technology.  Technology is a rapidly expanding field, and along with that comes the need for written manuals, instructions, explanations, and design.  Technical writers that work with technology may write instruction or users’ manuals for new phones, laptops, or software.  In addition, technical writers may work alongside web developers to better display technology through websites and online presentations.  The field of technology is a very promising area for a technical writer.  The salary for a technical writer in the technology field varies greatly because it is largely dependent upon what company you are working for and what exactly your job title is. Many technology-based companies will require technical writers to also be web developers or to do basic software engineering jobs.  These jobs typically pay between $80-$100K, while strictly technical writers may make between $50-$70K as an entry salary and then increase in pay with 2-3 years of experience.
2. Healthcare
Healthcare is another solid field that is not going anywhere anytime soon.  People will always need doctors and medical attention and with that comes healthcare.  A technical writer in the healthcare field may writer policies, client guides, healthcare plans, or they may o a lot of data entry and statistics.  Average salary for a writer in the healthcare field is $74,518 and this number can of course grow with more experience.  Overall, healthcare is an excellent field for a technical writer because of its security and stability.
3. Law
The legal system in the United States is actually a great opportunity for technical writers if they play their cards right.  Technical writers that find their way to a successful lawyer or legal branch can have a very stable and high-paying career, with top end technical writer often making over $100K.  However, finding and getting hired by a successful lawyer and legal branch takes patience, resistance, and experience.  These types of establishments are not a huge commonality, and they often only want writers that have over three years of experience.  While you can still make money by writing for smaller, less successful branches (typically around $57,000), you will not have great job security or confidence.
4. Scientific and Research Fields
Scientific and research fields are another decently secure area for a technical writer to work in.  As long as money and resources allow for it, mankind will be researching and trying to improve, and getting hired by a company that does this is an excellent career to have.  As a technical writer in this area, your tasks will be mainly data entry and progress tracking, with the exception of possibly a few content articles depending on what type of research you are in.  Writing new rules, regulations, or guidelines may also be a part of your job.  Technical writers in research ad scientific fields often make between $67-$80K, but this number can increase based on the demand for writers, the type of research you are doing, and how much experience you have.
5. Engineering
Technical writers are essential for engineers because they need manuals, presentations, users’ guides, illustrations, reports, and specifications written for nearly everything.  Your success as a technical writer in this industry is largely based on what company you work for and how much experience you have.  There is also more competition for technical writers in this field because more apply and more are needed.  The average salary for a technical writer in an engineering field is $60K, but this drastically fluctuates based on how much experience you have and who you work for.

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